What do our pupils need from schools in order to become confident, financially-independent adults that make a positive contribution to society? What do they need to learn while at school and what do schools need in order to facilitate their learning? is working on the reform of the national curriculum for primary and secondary education. Teachers, schools and school leaders play a key role in this reform. In three-day sessions they worked together from March 2017 until October 2019 on proposals for the following subject areas: Citizenship, Digital Literacy, English and modern foreign languages, Dutch, Numeracy and Mathematics, Sport and Exercise, Arts and Culture, Humans and Nature (including Technology), and Social Sciences. Between these sessions, the teams (6 secondary school teachers, 1 secondary school leader, 6 primary school teachers and 1 primary school leader per team) asked other schools, teachers, pupils, higher education institutions, parents and researchers to provide input and feedback on their interim results. An advisory group consisting of both Dutch and international researchers and teachers with experience in curriculum development reflected on the ideas of the teams. The teams developed building blocks that show what pupils should know and be capable of in each subject area at various stages of their education.

The proposals have been presented to Parliament. Once Parliament has made a decision, the building blocks will be used to develop more up-to-date core objectives and attainment levels. is a joint initiative by AOB en CNV (Education unions), the Primary School Education Council (PO-Raad), the Secondary School Education Council (VO-raad), the General Association of School Leaders (AVS), the National Action Committee for School Pupils (LAKS) and the information hub for parents of school children (Ouders en Onderwijs). This initiative is being carried out in cooperation with SLO, the national institute for curriculum development.

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